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Tutankhamun's Shoes
Rosabella Gregory
Robin Norton-Hale

We are taken on the journey by Queen Pharaoh Nefertiti, now an ever-living cat.  She will lead us whirling through time between Tutankhamun’s lonely and gruelling childhood in Ancient Egypt, and 1920s England where Nefertiti has chosen Lady Carnarvon as her person!  See how Howard Carter discovered the tomb, how Tutankhamun was betrayed by his Uncle Ay and wonder how in all those museums with that gold, Tutankhamun’s story was never ever told…

English Touring Opera | 2022

Composer                              Rosabella Gregory

Writer                                      Robin Norton- Hale

Director                                  Lysanne van Overbeek

Music Director / Piano        Erika Gundesen

Designer                                Bettina John

Movement Director              Rachel Wise

Costume Supervisor           Emily May Sions

Lighting Designer                Lewis Hannaby


Tutankhamun                        Keith Pun

Nefertiti                                  Claire Wild

Meryt  / Lady Carnarvon    Judy Louie Brown

Ay / Carter                             Adam Maxey

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