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About Teaching Practice

Rachel delivers workshops for actor, singer and performer movement training, in addition to providing regular workshops for performers internationally.

She has taught, delivered workshops and guest lectured at The Royal Ballet School, Peking University, Hamburg University DESI, Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, Morley College, Harkat Studios Mumbai, Royal Academy of Music, Guildhall, English Touring Opera and Central Conservatory of Music and Drama China.

Her practice integrates the body as an instrument, she explores holistic movement integral to expression and performer development. 

Rachel taught movement on BA Acting, MA Acting for Screen,  MA Advanced Theatre Practices at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, whilst in training for her MA. 


She has since lectured and provided workshops in Movement for Film; The Expressive Body; The Intent to Move & The Intent to Act; Intimacy in a Scene; Devising from a Physical Place, Connecting to the Breath; Contact and Consent for Opera; Laughter and Presentations; Movement & Music Improvisation; Movement for Singers and several bespoke workshops for new work R&D’s.



Workshops Available

Movement Training for Actors

Movement training for actors is tailored to the requirements of the individual or the course. 

Rachel draws on a variety of actor movement training techniques from Laban; Animal Studies; Contact Improvisation; Physical Theatre; Feldenkrais; Elements; Alexander Technique; Imagery & GAGA and shadow movements/ micro and shadow gestures. 

Rachel has also delivered workshops on the following; Improvisation; Devising for Physical Theatre; Commedia dell’arte.

As a trained Laughter Yoga tutor, Rachel often incorporates laughter yoga into sessions to promote physical release and breath training.

Rachel’s movement workshops offer character physicality development; movement analysis and physical training for acting and performance.

Movement for Screen

Rachel developed the Movement for Screen module for Morley College in 2021. 

This course offers a brief introduction to movement direction for the screen.

It provides practical training in filming movement; pre-production, basic choreography techniques for devising movement for screen and an introduction into post-production. By the end of the module the participants will have developed, filmed and produced a movement sequence for film, either as a group or individually.


Rachel also delivers movement for screen training for screen actors and opera singers working in film, her workshop draws on acting analysis, physical awareness and micro gestures.

For any movement direction for screen inquiries, or one on one actor training please contact to arrange an initial consultation.

Movement Training for Singers

Rachel regularly offers one to one online and in person sessions for singers working on an aria, preparing for an audition, or preparing for a performance.

Rachel’s approach draws on actor training, Laban movement, Feldenkrais and character movement analysis. She tailors each session to the individual in a response to their physical and performance requirements.

Contact & Consent

Movement Training for Opera

Rachel collaborated with movement practitioner and opera director Monica Nicolaides to develop a series of movement workshops developed specifically to address consent in opera, in order to support opera singers with physicality, contact, intimacy and consent during a production period.

Rachel and Monica were Associate Junior Opera Director Fellows at Guildhall, during this time they undertook research, training and developed their workshops with singers and with guidance from a Trauma Therapist. 

These workshops are developed to promote trauma informed practice, they draw on Intimacy principles, acting movement studies, contemporary contact movement techniques and Laban movement training.

The Expressive Body

Access The Expressive Body as a vessel of performance expression, by integrating movement practices with breathing techniques. 

The workshops developed provide hybrid exercises for the performer developing self awareness, connection to the breath, spatial awareness, a connection to tempo, tension in the body, relation to self and others in space, a connection to both internal and external experiences, connection to characters intention and objectives, a connection to the character’s emotional graph and a physical map of a characters' expressive body throughout their performance.


- To Develop Practice

Collaboration is core to developing an interdisciplinary practice, Rachel often collaborates with musicians, choreographers, directors, holistic practitioners, filmmakers and writers on different projects.

Past collaborations have been with photographers, scientists, physiotherapists, therapists, spiritual healers and historians.


If you would like to collaborate or have an idea you’d like to explore- let’s connect!

Inquire about Teaching / Workshop / Training

For any one to one performer movement training sessions and bookings for future group workshops.

Or if you would like to get in touch to inquire about a series of tailored workshops for your institution.

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