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Digital art exhibit


White Swans

The Art Of Killing Swans

"What if there was another option, you know, like up in the sky we are all dealt cards and you can pick any of the cards, and maybe you get, you know more points for..."

In a small town in West Yorkshire a swan is found dead in the local canal.

The Art Of Killing Swans dives into adolescence, the grey area of justice and relationships before breaking point.

For The Clicks

“Watching you watching me watching you.” - Aarti . Pronouns She/ They.


Aarti is like you, she has a tamagotchi, never leaves their room, and their only interactions are through a screen. 

They take part in an online ‘social experiment’ through a chat room  where they must do things ‘for the clicks’.

As we engage in a developing online world, we question the depths this affects our psyche, our understanding of ‘others’ and our grip of reality.

In this live online interactive performance the audience controls Aarti’s choices and fate. Through this interactive performance we interrogate our human psyche and question how far, is too far.

Developed in collaboration with EMEARA.


Was Es Ist
A multimedia immersive short opera

‘Do not feed or touch the exhibition’


It is 15:00 hours, 17 days and 2 months of the Humanity Exhibition.

Man is displayed in his Perspex display box for visitors to view the last of the species. The specimen is followed by cameras and CCTV.

Viewers are encouraged to interact with the exhibition and participate in the experiment lead by the scientists. 

We will discover what makes this species who they are. We endeavor to discover why they created philosophy, religion, art, how they destroyed their planet, the sources of their own downfall of their species and why do they still believe, despite the obvious recent failures of our simulator systems, that they are still ‘living’ in ‘reality’ on earth.



2018 Children’s Opera Edition by Kofen. K & Wise. R.

‘A colourful opera about overcoming difficulties, finding your identity and staying true to what makes you who you are.’


“The Fidelio Music Friends encounter a world where music and colour is removed; their conductor Fidelio is imprisoned by Pizarro. Fidelios’ friends hatch a plot to break into the prison in disguise to save her. They are challenged by needing to hide their individuality and what makes them who they are. Along the way they go about sharing a little music in the prison with other prisoners and help guide a family in crisis. In the end they succeed in persuading the prison and Pizarro to adopt colour, music and individuality. Fidelio returns to her rightful place and conducts the prisoners to sing together.”

A Play In A Day 

Theatre in Education Plays and play adaptations include:

The Twelfth Night, Click Safe, Stories from Religion, Ages Ago, The Magic Book, Macbeth, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Romeo & Juliet, All Change, The Tempest, Streets Ahead, Pass it On, Peace of Mind, No laughing matter. 

For more of Rachel's Theatre In Education Scripts Visit Konflux Theatre.

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