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Guildhall Opera Double Bill | 2022

Miss Fortune
Judith Weir

Commissioned by Bregenz Festival and the Royal Opera House and premiered in 2011, Miss Fortune is a contemporary re-telling of a Sicilian folk story. Judith Weir’s opera is a story about Tina and how her life dramatically changes course overnight; it is a story about fate and fortune.  

Written specifically for performance on American television in 1947, Gian Carlo Menotti’s opera The Telephone is a romantic comedy in one act, written for just two singers and a hand-picked chamber ensemble of instrumentalists.  

Cast - The Telephone

Lucy England           Segomotso Shupinyaneng           
Ben Upthegrove       Jonathan Eyers 

Lucy England            Ellie Neate 

Ben Upthegrove       Jack Holton 

The Telephone
Gian Carlo Menotti

Conductor                                           Dominic Wheeler

Director                                                Martin Lloyd-Evans

Designer                                              Anna Reid

Lighting                                                Anthony Doran

Movement Director                           Rachel Wise

Assistant Conductor                        Joseph Beesley

Assistant Director                             Rachel Wise

Stage Manager                                  Emma Peace

DSM                                                      Andrea Støier Andersen

Production Manager                         Hayden Gurney

Cast - Miss Fortune

Lord Fortune       Jacob Harrison
Lady Fortune      Amy Holyland

Lady Fortune      Laura Fleur 
Tina                       Erin Gwyn Rossington

Tina                       Cleo Lee McGowan
Fate                       Kieron-Connor Valentine
Hassan                 Florian Panzieri

Hassan                 Innocent Masuku
Donna                   Laura Fleur

Donna                   Amy Holyland 
Simon                   Jack Holton 

Simon                   Jonathan Eyers 

Chorus of sweatshop workers and party guests:

Josephine Lockwood; Manon Ogwen Parry; Stamatia Tsaroucha; Miku Yasukawa; Lydia Haynes; Aina Miyagi Magnell;

Julia Sanchez Merino; Shana Moron-Caravel; Archie Buchanan; Steven van der Linden; Joshua Saunders; Tobias Campos Santinaque; Charlie Broad; Alaric Green; André Soares; Leif Tse

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