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Snow White
By Lucy Wilson

In the far away Kingdom of Battersea, Snow White lives a lonely life locked up in the Battersea Power Palace with the Evil Queen.


Bored of never exploring the kingdom, Snow sets off to the 9000 Elms Forest on an adventure of her own – but the conceited Queen has plans to stop Snow once and for all, and protect her status as #TheFairestInTheLand.

Throw in bumbling huntsman with-a-heart-of-gold Jumbles, eccentric local baker Dame Aldi and wannabe charmer Prince Brian, and the real adventures for Snow and the gang are only just beginning!

Theatre 503 | 2021 & 2022

Director                                Donnacadh O’Briain

Musical Director                 Hanna Khogali

Movement                            Rachel Wise

Designer                              Carly Brownbridge

Lighting                                Richard Williamson

Sound                                  Jac Cooper

Stage Manager                  Grace Antoniou-Phillips

Production Manager         Zara Janmohamed & Toby Smith

Producer                              Ceri Lothian


Snow White              Hanna Khogali

Jumbles                   George Fletcher

Evil Queen

& Prince Brian         Bianca Stephens

Dame Aldi                Charlotte Moore

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