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Albert Herring
Benjamin Britten

''There is a little bit of Albert in all of us'' - van Elst

Welcome to Loxford, a society where everyone is desperate to be accepted and acknowledged.

Albert is an outlier, despite appearances, he feels misplaced in Loxford.

Every year there is a May Queen festival, however this year is different. In order to teach Loxford residents a lesson, it has been decided by Loxford's delegation that Albert will be unprecedently declared the 'May King'.

Despite protests, Albert accepts his fate, and his 'thoughts and feelings' (a chorus of Albert Herrings) appear to him with a little help from the 'lemonade'. Albert embarks on an adventure of self discovery, and returns to Loxford with a different perspective.

St Paul's Opera invites you to join Loxford's summer fate, where you will participate in the May King Festival with activities, food stalls, ball games, dance and audience participation.

St Paul's Opera | 2022

Composer                              Benjamin Britten

Librettist                                 Eric Crozier

Musical Director                   Panaretos Kyriatzidis

Director                                  Annemiek van Elst

Associate Director               Rachel Wise

Design                                    Annemiek van Elst & Rachel Wise

Movement Director              Rachel Wise

Intimacy Director                 Rachel Wise

Repetiteur                              Francesca Lauri

Costume Supervisor           Emily May Sions

Lighting                                  Annemiek van Elst & Rachel Wise

DSM & SM                               Rachel Wise


Lady Billows                             Rosalind O’Dowd/Charlotte Brosnan

Florence Pike                           Jenny Samuel/Natasha Elliott

Miss Wordsworth                     Patricia Ninian/Anna Marmion

Mr Gedge                                  Robert Byford/Adam Brown

Mr Upfold                                  Peder Holtermann

Superintendent Budd            Ross Fettes/Masimba Ushe

Harry                                         Olivia Lewis

Cis                                              Megan Baker 

Emmie                                        Isabella Roberts

Sid                                              Owain Evans/Alfred Mitchell

Albert Herring                          Alex Akhurst/Hugh Benson

Nancy                                        Alexandra Dinwiddie/Megan Baker

Mrs Herring                              Deborah Holborn

Emmie                                        Isabella Roberts

Cis                                              Megan Baker/Sophie Price

Harry                                         Olivia Lewis/Lydia Ward

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