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Raven Crow


Between The Roots And Wings
By Nicole Acquah

Drawing on both Greek and Renaissance myth, this unsettling new play by Nicole Acquah explores truth and fantasy, as well as how easily our understanding of stability flutters away.


Dante, a novelist known for his successful but formulaic romantic novels, craves to dive deeper.

Against the will of both wife and agent, he embarks on a journey to discover the truth about the disappearance of the notorious Icarus from a renowned women’s penitentiary.

Rumours fly about state corruption, possible murder and potential cover-ups.

Amidst the constant turmoil of the prison, The Raven is circling.


Royal Central School

for Speech and Drama | 2022

Co-Director & Dramaturg              Martin Wylde

Co-Director & Movement              Rachel Wise

Set & Costume Designer              Sammy Dowson

Lighting Designer                           Hugo Dodsworth

Sound Designer

& Composer                                     Lex Kosanke

Associate Sound Designer          Iain Ferrier

Original Song & Lyrics                   Annabel Marlow

Voice Coach                                     Deborah Garvey

Fight Director                                   Bethan Clark

Intimacy Director                            Anna Healey

Production Manager                      David Salter

Stage Manager                               Richard Pattison

Deputy Stage Manager                Catriona McHugh

Wardrobe Manager                        Karin Schuck

Costume Supervisors                   Pippa Batt

                                                           Nicola Stimpson

Set Builder                                      Moosejaw

Teller 2                                             James Akka
Ariadne                                            Lucy Chamberlain
Dante                                               Leo Clasen
Thalia                                               Alexa Fagen

Priest / Kitchen Worker                 Iain Ferrier
Teller 1                                              Eoin Fullston
Baroness                                         Caterina Grosoli
Teller 3                                             Alexander Holley

Robyn / Inmate 1                             Ivié Itoje
Agatha                                              Annabel Marlow
Tony / Guard                                   Giulio Mezza
Visitor / Inmate 2                            Kate Reed-Williams
Breeny                                              Hazel Rogers
Silas                                                  Romo Sikdar
Lucas                                                Gavin Stewart
Agent / Kristia                                 Anne van Beek

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